Changing Lives at Home Mental Health Inc.(CLHMH) is a state-licensed mental health agency servicing children and adults in Baltimore City/County areas with various community-based behavioral health care programs. CLHMH prides itself on consistently striving for excellence and implementing best practices daily. Quality assurance, providing exceptional service, and leaving clients with outstanding rehabilitative care are of utmost importance at CLHMH. CLHMH is staffed with licensed professionals who understand the difficulties our clients face in their everyday lives and are committed to providing outstanding rehabilitative services.


Who We Serve

Changing Lives at Home Mental Health Inc. (CLHMH) serves both young and adult individuals who need comprehensive mental and behavioral health support. Individuals experiencing behavioral issues, or who are struggling with managing their mental illness can look to CLHMH for assistance. Clients who engage in our services benefit from increased mental wellness, resilience, and overall recovery as provided by CLHMH’s range of services. CLHMH caters to a wide spectrum of individuals coming from various backgrounds, experiences, and struggles, empowering them to be better equipped and equally supported in meeting their specific needs and resolving challenges.


What We Have Done

Changing Lives at Home Mental Health Inc. (CLHMH) initially began as a Group Home in Baltimore City that served as a home and place of care for underprivileged and misfortunate young girls who were displaced from their families. Upon working closely with the girls, our staff realized that something needed to be done to further prevent the creation of more stories similar to what these girls came from. We also realized that families also needed treatment to prevent and heal before steps such as removal and breaking families apart were considered. As such, CLHMH expanded beyond its Group Home program and eventually established programs that look into independent comprehensive care with the overall goal of looking to heal Baltimore’s families and individuals who need help in identifying the root of their issues and resolving the struggles they face everyday.


Community Outreach

Since we are located in the inner city of Baltimore our focus is on strengthening children and families with community-based mental health services. As of today, CLHMH has since expanded its services to include individual-based treatment care and home-based supportive care to further meet the needs of our community and its families.


To provide a holistic and seamless system of mental and behavioral health care services that is responsive to the social, psychological, emotional, cultural, and biological needs of all individuals and families.


The vision of Changing Lives at Home Mental Health Inc. (CLHMH) is to provide community-based rehabilitation services to help our clients manage their mental health diagnoses, by identifying tools and utilizing opportunities to strengthen life skills, along with other rehabilitative skills to ensure success. With this vision, we hope to create a better life experience for the youth and adults in the communities that we serve.


We achieved The Gold Seal of Approval® from The Joint Commission. Changing Lives at Home Mental Health Inc. (CLHMH) facilities voluntarily underwent a thorough evaluation by The Joint Commission. The goal of the evaluation? To see if our facilities meet The Joint Commission’s rigorous performance standards in delivering quality, safe care. By meeting these standards, our facilities received The Gold Seal of Approval® – an internationally recognized symbol of quality.
The Joint Commission accredits and certifies more than 22,000 healthcare programs worldwide and focuses on continually improving healthcare by setting the highest standards for healthcare quality throughout the world. In setting the standards, The Joint Commission consults doctors, nurses, and quality and safety experts to review the current standards and make recommendations for
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The Joint Commission The Gold Seal of Approval® Brochure